Jayendra Hanley

Jayendra Hanley Anusara Yoga
Jayendra Hanley

When I look back on my life, I always have to ask myself, how in the world did I get here? I could have never guessed that I would be living in Europe and traveling around the world teaching Anusara Yoga. I feel so blessed to do what I love so much, to share the power and beauty of this path with open-hearted students in so many delightful places.

I started practicing yoga out of a book when I was about 22. Soon after that, I found an inspiring and skilled teacher, and when she invited everyone to a meditation center, I went and I went again. I enjoyed the other elements of yoga that I met there: chanting was lots of fun, what the teacher said about the big picture of yoga made so much sense, and meditation, well I gave it a try and have been practicing ever since.

Then 20 years ago, I started practicing Anusara yoga, and in 2001, I became a certified Anusara yoga teacher. One thing that I love about Anusara yoga is that it integrates all elements of yoga into one, elegant package. Anusara is based on the philosophy of non-dual Tantra, which says ‘Yes’ to the process of turning within to know the Light of Consciousness inside every heart, then adds a next step — we can experience that same Light everywhere! It’s often said that this is the ideal philosophy for the modern world. Add Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment that align with this philosophy, and an emphasis on living the teachings in our daily lives, and I have to say, I’m so grateful to have received this template for practice and teaching.

For the past 12 years, I have been honored to live first in Madrid and then in Holland, and from there, serve the European Anusara community by offering workshops, Immersions, and teacher trainings. It’s been an amazing time of expansion and growth for me, and so much fun to share the practice with so many friends around Europe.

In Europe, Anusara yoga is very vibrant and growing in an ‘organic’ way, which leads to holding the annual Anusara Samavesha Festival in Merano Italy. I’ve attended the last two Samavesha Festivals in the U.S., and they are wonderful opportunities for great practices with outstanding teachers, and a time to experience that feeling of community or kula once again. 

In recent years, I’ve also been studying Shaiva Tantra with Paul Muller-Ortega and practicing his Neelakantha Meditation. I love the practice as taught by Paul. Now, when I sit for meditation, I close my eyes, recall my mantra, and enter the space of Supreme Consciousness once again. In about two years, I hope to be able to share the practice with others after completing Paul’s teacher training program.

  “The highest intention of practicing Anusara® yoga is to align with the flow of Grace, to awaken to the truth that our essential nature is part of this divine flow, and to lovingly and joyfully serve this flow.”