300-Hour Teacher Training

The 300-Hour Anusara Teacher Training: Taking the Next Step in Our Teaching

Anusara yoga has long been known and respected for its high quality teacher training program, which begins with the 100 hours of Anusara Immersion and continues with the 100-Hour Level 1 Anusara Teacher Training.  The two together comprise an integrated 200-Hour Teacher Training program. After completing it, one can apply for the Anusara Elements license and register with the Yoga Alliance of the U.S. at the 200 Hour level.

Anusara Immersion is all about practice and the theory behind the practices of yoga. The Level 1 Teacher Training is totally dedicated to the art and skill of teaching yoga asana, using the Anusara technique that has proven to be so powerful and clear https://apotekerendk.com. Some main topics of the Teacher Training are teaching with a class theme, teaching theUniversal Principles of Alignment, observation and adjustments, sequencing, instructing the poses with skill and clarity, and finding your own voice as a yoga teacher, all within the context of living and sharing a life of yoga. The main technique of the Teacher Training is the trainer demonstrates and explains a teaching skill, then the students practice teaching it in pairs, small groups, and eventually to the entire class.

Before applying for the Level 1 Teacher Training, one should have a strong working knowledge of Anusara philosophy and the Universal Principles of Alignment, which can be gained through an Anusara Immersion.

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Our 300-Hour Teacher Training provides a platform for Anusara teachers to continue their education and training in two main areas:

  1. Teaching a high quality Anusara yoga class. This training further develops, refines, and expands on the teaching skills that were introduced in the 200-Hour Teacher Training, thus preparing Anusara Elements and Inspired teachers to pass the written exam and class video assessment to become Certified Anusara Teachers, and expand on their ability to provide an inspiring experience of Anusara yoga for all of their students, including specialized groups.
  2. Deepening our experience, understanding, and practice through advanced training in asana and other yoga practices such as pranayama and meditation, and through continuing our studies in various related areas, such as in non-dual Tantra and anatomy.

The Anusara 300-Hour Teacher Training curriculum includes:

  • 11 required modules, each one consisting of a minimum number of hours of class time, totaling 156 required hours of class time plus 12 non-contact hours
  • The rest of the hours can be fulfilled with elective modules or repeating one or more of the required modules

After we complete a full 300-Hour Teacher Training on September 28-29 of 2018, we will have more 300-Hour TT events for our teachers to attend, and they are listed below.

300-Hour Teacher Training Schedule

There are no upcoming events.

  “The highest intention of practicing Anusara® yoga is to align with the flow of Grace, to awaken to the truth that our essential nature is part of this divine flow, and to lovingly and joyfully serve this flow.”