Immersion and Teacher Training

Expand Your Yoga Practice, and Become an Inspiring and Highly Skilled Yoga Teacher

The 200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training is a unique and special pathway to becoming a yoga teacher, because of:

  • A powerful method for doing the yoga poses, based on the biomechanics of the body and deep knowledge of the yoga poses;
  • An inspiring vision of life that recognizes the sacred in the heart of all beings;
  • Innovative teaching methods that promote excellence, professionalism and care for all students.

When we study and practice yoga with a group of good people, and do it with an inspiring vision of intrinsic goodness – well, it’s just fun, and we might find some very nice friends to practice with viagra generika schweiz rezeptfrei.

The first 100 hours of our training is called an Immersion in Anusara Yoga, which is full of practice and learning. In part 2, we focus on how to teach an inspiring and technically skillful yoga class.

Expand and Deepen Your Yoga Practice

The first intention in a yoga teacher training is to develop our asana practice. So in the first half of our training, we begin each day with a long asana workshop, which gives us plenty of time to explore the poses, ask questions, and deepen our practice of yoga.

Then in the afternoon, we do shorter asana sessions, combined with other yoga practices, such as pranayama, meditation or mantra repetition. All of these practices make us stronger and increase our awareness of how we’re all connected through our innermost consciousness. It’s no wonder that through the Immersion, we naturally learn to love the practice of yoga.

An Inspiring Vision of Life

A key element of Anusara classes is that we teach with a class theme, which is supported by the great teachings of yoga. So we also study yoga philosophy, with a focus on non-dual Tantra, which is widely considered to be the highest expression of the yoga tradition. Non-dual Tantra has an inspiring vision for life that recognizes the sacred in the heart of all beings. This philosophy is found in a simple intention that we have for all of our classes – that every student leaves class feeling at least a little better about themselves! This attitude might be why we seem to enjoy practicing and studying together!

As we practice and study yoga together, a beautiful community is formed that helps us enjoy this journey together.

Become a Skillful and Inspiring Yoga Teacher

In the second 100 hours of our teacher training, we practice the key skills for teaching an inspiring yoga class, and in the process, take the first steps towards becoming a highly skilled teacher of yoga.

The training is progressive and cumulative, so that students add one skill after another, building confidence in their ability to teach yoga. Much of the time in part 2 of the training is taken with practice teaching in small and large groups, and then the course concludes with each student teaching a short class and receiving detailed feedback.

During the training, you’ll learn to:

  • Teach your favorite yoga poses, from the foundation up;
  • Apply intelligent alignment principles to the poses;
  • Design a class plan with an inspiring theme;
  • Learn the principles for creative sequencing of the poses;
  • How to observe your students doing the poses, and how to assist them so that they can fully enjoy each pose.
What Happens After This Training?

After completing our 200-hour program of practice and study, you can become a licensed yoga teacher with Anusara Yoga. Our trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance in the U.S.

Anusara yoga teachers continue to be students of yoga. After completing our 200-Hour Teacher Training, you can continue your studies with our 300-Hour Teacher Training, which was largely designed by Jayendra himself, which he teaches with some of the finest yoga teachers in the world.

  “The highest intention of practicing Anusara® yoga is to align with the flow of Grace, to awaken to the truth that our essential nature is part of this divine flow, and to lovingly and joyfully serve this flow.”