Neelakantha Meditation

In 1979, I met the great siddha master, Swami Muktananda, and started to practice Siddha Yoga Meditation. Over the years, I went to a lot of retreats at Siddha Yoga ashrams, where I met many great teachers and also made many friends.  One of the most inspiring teachers who I met there was Paul Muller-Ortega, and when he started the school of Blue Throat Yoga in order to teach Neelakantha Meditation, I quickly signed up and have been so happy and so impressed by the power of this practice to take us into the most subtle spaces within, and then how that experience enhances all of life. After years of practice, I became a teacher of Neelakantha Meditation, and so I’m very happy to share this amazing practice with others.

I teach Neelakantha Meditation in a 2-day course that can be scheduled at any time.  On the first day, students receive personal instruction in Neelakantha Meditation.  On the second, we go over the whole theory of the practice.  When registering for this course, you not only receive individual instruction in Neelakantha Meditation.  You also receive a lifetime of support, including access to a full online library of teachings, ongoing instruction in various supporting practices such as mantra japa, and access to various live events presented by the community of authorized teachers.  I lead a monthly online group meditation, and participants are often amazed and delighted by the power of the experience. 

Blue Throat Yoga is an expanding and vibrant community.  Please contact me to receive more information or to set up a time to learn Neelakantha Meditation.  For more information, go to  You can also visit my personal page on their site: Jayendra Hanley: Blue Throat Yoga

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